Aikido of Midland joined the Western Aikido Association (WAA) in November 2014 under the direction of Robert Frager, 7th dan shihan in the Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan shihan lineage.  Aikido of Midland has always maintained and continues to maintain a connection with the World Headquarters Aikikai Foundation through its affiliation.

Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan, Shihan.
Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan was a direct student of O'Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba) receiving his 1st - 6th dans from him and his 7th and 8th dans through Nidai Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.  Kato sensei was a regular attendee at the Aikikai.  Kato sensei's Aikido was powerful and flowing with precision movement.  He also had a very unique weapon system for the bokken and jo.  Aikido of Midland trained under his direction for 7 years until just before his passing.  We miss his Aikido.

Robert Frager, 7th dan, Shihan:  Frager sensei is a long time student of Kato sensei.  He trained with O'Sensei and lived in Japan.  He is the founder of Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) and past president and a leader in the transpersonal psychology movement.  He holds a Ph.D from Harvard University and is a well published author.  His fluency in Japanese has allowed him more indepth knowledge and insight into Kato sensei's aikido.  We are honored to study with Frager sensei.