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Dojo News

Spring WAA seminar May 20-21 in Palo Alto.

Dan Promotions:  Riggs sensei was promoted to godan (5th dan) in January 2016 and Powers sensei was promoted to yondan (4th dan in October 2015) through the WAA.

Riggs sensei has recently affiliated the dojo with Western Aikido Association (WAA) under Robert Frager, 7th dan shihan in the Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan shihan lineage.

Riggs sensei and Lan Powers sensei recently attended a seminar in Palo Alto, CA with the Western Aikido Association.

Riggs sensei's article on atemi/pressure points has been published in the recent European Aikido Journal German version.

Seminar Participation:  
  • Riggs sensei and Lan sensei ¬†recently attended an aiki-oriented seminar with Ikeda Sensei.

Friendship Seminars