Dojo Information
Address:  Aikido of Midland
                  3803 Jasmine
     Midland, TX 79707
Phone:      (432) 770-3155 (cell)
Lan's #:     (432) 528-6130

Welcome to the Aikido Website of 

Dr. John H. Riggs

About the School:

Aikido of Midland is located in Midland, TX.  Aikido of Midland is the only Aikikai recognized dojo in the Midland/Odessa area and one of two that we know of in West Texas (other one in Lubbock).  It was established in 2005 after moving from a temporary location at Fit for Life and previously a Taekwondo School.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe in teaching Aikido consistent with the principles and techniques of the World Headquarters Aikikai, Tokyo Japan and of  Western Aikido Association under Robert Frager, 7th dan shihan and the lineage of Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan shihan. Additionally, I believe the core of Aikido practice should remain consistent with the founding organization, and as such always strive to teach techniques and practices as close to the Aikikai as possible. 

My teaching and training philosophy stress a strong foundation in fundamentals and basics of movement and energy work (Ki). It is also my belief atemi-waza is an integral part of the martial aspect of Aikido. The use of weapons (jo, bokken) is a major factor in the art as well, and I am currently undergoing an extensive study of internal energy. 

Instruction focus is about not only on the intricacies of the art, but to also teach  students how to learn. Providing them with a solid foundation in how to study and learn the art of Aikido is the best legacy one can give students.  I also believe that, while traditional Japanese teaching methods have their place and time, modern teaching methods can also be used to enhance the learning experience.  To do otherwise ignores progress in how people learn and fails to recognize different learning styles of each student.


  • To train quality Aikidoka consistent with the foundation techniques established by World Headquarters Aikikai, Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan and the founder's family.
  • To ensure techniques are consistent with the principles outlined by the Aikikai.
  • To develop a strong foundation in basics to establish the development of future Aikido instructors.
  • To develop Aikidoka with a strong background in tai-jutsu as well as weapon skills, atemi-waza and kyusho jitsu applications in Aikido.
  • To engrain students with the necessary skills to continue their lifelong pursuit of the art. 
  • To advance the spread of Aikido by developing a solid student base and advancing the quality of Aikido instructors and students.


  • COMPASSION: the ability to understand and share the suffering of others while possessing an inclination to show mercy or give support. 
  • HONESTY: diplaying integrity and truthfulness in one's daily activities. 
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE: the ability to control one's conduct in a variety of situations. 
  • LOYALTY: faithfulness to oneself, those contributing to one's development and to the spirit and intention of one's art. 
  • PERSEVERANCE: focus and adherence in a steadfast manner to one's development and training in spirit of obstacles. 
  • SAFETY: concern and care for the well-being of one's self and training partners. 


Current teaching is focused on restoring energy principles to the form of the art.  Riggs sensei is currently undergoing research and study of the concepts of ki and energy management in Aikido practice and its application to technique.  This focus currently includes the following concepts:
  • Application of effective grounding techniques.
  • Breaking attacker's ground connection via floating their energy.
  • Relaxation 
  • Blending with the energy of the attack and redirecting it.
  • Promoting harmony with the attack energy.
  • Minimizing the use of force.


M/Th      7-9 PRiggsAdult
          7-9 P  Powers  Adult
Classes are held at a private dojo.

Note:  we are no longer holding children classes-no instructor available.


Policy No fees at this time.  Test fees apply.


Annual association dues may be levied in the future.


6th-3rd Kyu Rank Test Fees (all) $35
2nd-1st Kyu Rank Test Fees $50
Black Belt Fees determined by Aikikai

Note:  Test fees include rank certificates, association test fee and belt.

  • World Headquarters Aikikai via Western Aikido Association (WAA).
  • Lineage:  Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan and Robert Frager, 7th dan (Western Aikido Association).